• Setting up the target audience. Consumers' characteristics. Estimation of potential market share.
  • Estimation of existing market share. History and perception.
  • Prognosis of development. The SWOT analysis.
  • Design of proposed promotional activities.
  • Interactive competition study. Mysthery Shopping.
  • Promotional budgets. Promotional tools. Results and measurements.
  • Product (1P) - variety, quality, design, features, packaging. External analysis
  • Price (2P) - Opportunities or loss by the lower limit and the upper limit determined by product acceptance level
  • Placement (3P) - Channels of distribution, coverage, assortment, logistics. Optimization and Market Needs. Case Study
  • ¬†Promotion (4P) - Channels and promotion plan, advertisements, sales incentive activities
  • People (5P) - Influencers. Analysis and description of the target audience. People involved in the sales process. Communication, service. Hidden Sales
  • Process (6P) - Optimizing the process to reach the target audience. Maximum coverage through all channels. Pre-selection of goods or services
  • Physical evidence (7P) - Solutions to provide buyers with physical evidence of product / service features
  • Packaging (8P) - The Influence of Physical Empowerment. Marketing Packaging. Perceptions. Phobias.
  • Positioning (9P) - Establishing important product / service attributes for consumers
  • Physical Premises (10P) - Conditions to trigger the purchase process. Situations, perceived to give Sales Start.
  • Purchase (11P) - Customer Satisfaction Studies. Needed goals or needs. Loyalization customers. Return into the sales cycle.
Marketing strategy "11P"
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Full-option stratgey marketing that will show where to invest to where to expect results

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Marketing strategy "11P"
2000.00 euro
Billed: once

Full-option stratgey marketing that will show where to invest to where to expect results

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